“It’s a holiday, so I came here to watch a movie.”
“What kind of movies do you like?”
“Movies with pretty images.”

(BIFF 2014)

"휴일이라서 영화 보러 왔어요."
"어떤 영화를 좋아해요?"
"그림이 예쁜 영화요."

“We are a movie club. We make films twice during the semester. One of the movie’s last scenes returns to the place of the first scene. So, we went to the mural that appeared in the background of the first scene to film the last one, but the mural that has been there for so many years had disappeared; we had to film it all over again.”

“저희는 영화동아리이고, 학기 중에 두 번 영화를 찍어요. 한번은 영화의 마지막 장면이 첫 장면으로 돌아가는 거라, 마지막 장면을 찍으려고 첫 장면에 배경으로 나오던 벽화가 있는 장소로 갔는데, 거기 몇 년 동안이나 있었던 그 벽화가 없어졌더라고요. 그래서 다 다시 찍었죠.”

“When did you know for certain that your wife liked you?”
“(Husband) “One night I had to go to my dorm and my wife had to go home. When we parted my wife gave me a kiss on the cheek.”
“(Wife) It was a birthday present.”

"그럼 언제 남편 분은 부인이 좋아한다고 확신이 들었나요?"
”(남편) 어느 저녁에 제가 기숙사에 가야 했고 부인은 집에 가야 했어요. 헤어지는데 부인이 볼에 뽀뽀를 해줬어요.”
“(부인) 그게 생일 선물이었어요.”

“What kind of relationship do you two have and how did you meet?”
“(Husband) We have been married for 30 years. Back then there was a classical music café. I happened to meet my now wife for the first time there. Actually pop, rock and disco were popular then, and I really didn’t know anything about classical music. Because I happened to see my now wife there I continued to go to that same café until I got her. Do you know the characteristics of a Busan man? Simple! Idiotic! Persistent like a bulldozer!” 
“(Wife) At that time I wasn’t interested in my husband at all.”
“Then what made you change your mind?”
“(Wife) “One time we sat together and my husband laid out a handkerchief for me to sit on. I thought his manners were so good. It started from there.”

“두 분이 어떤 관계시고 어떻게 만나시게 됐나요?”
“(남편) 저희는 30년차 부부에요. 그 땐 클래식 음악 다방이라는 게 있었는데, 우연히 지금의 부인을 거기서 처음 만났어요. 사실 그 땐 팝, 락, 디스코가 유행하던 시절이었고, 전 클래식을 거의 몰랐어요. 정말 그 때 우연히 본 집사람을 때문에 클래식 다방에 계속 될 때까지 찾아가서 만났죠. 부산 남자 특징이 뭡니까? 단순! 무식! 불도저!”
“(부인) 전 그 때 남편한테 전혀 관심이 없었거든요.”
“그럼 어떤 계기로 마음이 바뀌었나요?”
“(부인) 한 번은 같이 자리에 앉는데 남편이 손수건을 꺼내서 앉는 자리에 펴줬어요. 매너가 좋다고 생각했어요. 그게 시작이었어요.”

“I was going to study film, but I couldn’t convince my parents to let me. They were especially adamant when I was in high school. So, I entered as an undecided major instead of film studies in university but took film specific courses.”
“How did you end up convincing your parents to let you study film?”
“I showed things to my parents that I personally made and they said, ‘Wow, look at what my son is making’.”

“영화를 전공하려고 했는데 부모님을 설득할 수가 없었어요. 고등학교 때 특히 심했어요. 그래서 대학교도 영화 전공이 아닌 자율전공학부로 지원해서 영화 전공 수업을 수강하며 다녔었죠.”
“그러다가 어떻게 부모님을 설득했나요?”
”제가 직접 찍은 걸 부모님께 보여드렸죠. 그랬더니 ‘아 얘가 뭔가 만드는구나’ 하시더라고요.”

“I had my first lesson today as a florist. I’ve liked flowers ever since I was young, but I was too busy working, supporting a family, and raising kids that I finally now, after 10 years like that, have the time to take this class. This may sound funny, but I kept feeling like I was going to cry during the lesson. Although my kids make me really happy, I found a different kind of happiness during the class, something like redeeming my lost self.”

"오늘 플로리스트 첫 수업이었어요. 원래 어릴 때부터 꽃을 좋아했지만 다른 일을 하다가 결혼하고 애 키우는 데 바빠서 이제야 배우게 됐어요. 10년 만에 여유가 생긴 거예요. 우습게 들리겠지만, 수업 받다가 계속 울컥울컥 했어요. 애기들이 절 정말 행복하게 해주지만, 그거와 다른 행복… 잃어버린 나를 찾은 느낌이에요.”

“What is your biggest concern right now?”
“I hardly gain any weight. I tried to gain weight in so many different ways, but none of them worked; I’ve given up. Even my girlfriend has promised me that she’ll buy me clothes if I gain some weight but…”
“How did you try to gain weight?”
"I’ve tried so many ways. One of them was eating ramen past midnight every night; that lasted a month"

“지금 최고의 고민이 뭔가요?”
“살이 안 쪄요. 별의별 방법을 써봤지만 결국 다 실패해서 포기했어요. 심지어 여자친구가 살 찌면 옷도 사준다고도 했었죠.”
“어떤 방법을 써보셨어요?”
“정말 많은 걸 해봤는데, 한번은 한달 내내 자정을 넘겨서 라면을 먹어봤어요.”

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