“I have actually quit school twice.”
“I was originally planning on being a professional taekwondo fighter. However, I suddenly wanted to work in cosmetology. I think the fact that my mom is a cosmetologist impacted me greatly. My mom was against my decision though, saying it was too tiring. I told my mom I was going to quit taekwondo anyway, so I quit and entered an okay university. That place wasn’t a good fit for me so though, so I quit and just blindly started doing cosmetology work. I thought about going to a cosmetology specific school, but then that school wasn’t a good fit either. So that’s how I have ended up quitting school twice. I’m currently working as a cosmetologist.”
“What is the most difficult thing for you going from working as taekwondo fighter to working as a cosmetologist?”
“I must smile in front of everyone.”

“전 사실 자퇴 를 2번이나 했어요.”
“두 번이나요?”
"원래 태권도를 배우고 선수까지 준비했었어요. 근데 갑자기 미용이 하고 싶어졌어요. 엄마가 미용사이신 부분이 컸던 거 같아요. 근데 엄마가 힘들다고 반대하셨어요. 그럼 나도 태권도 그만 두겠다 해서 태권도를 그만 두고 적당한 대학에 진학했어요. 근데 거기도 아닌 거 같더라고요. 그래서 자퇴를 하고 무작정 미용일을 시작했어요. 그러다 미용 관련 대학을 가봐야겠다는 생각도 들어서 다른 대학에 진학했는데, 그것도 아닌 것 같았어요. 그렇게 자퇴를 2번이나 했어요. 지금은 현업에서 열심히 미용사로 일하고 있어요." 
“실제로 태권도를 하시다가 미용사로 일해보니 뭐가 가장 힘들어요?”
“모든 사람 앞에서 웃어야 해요.”

“I took the college entrance exam six times and failed all six times. You could say I’m a ‘sixth-timer’. Even though I was poor at the exams, I had high standards when applying to schools. One fortunate thing is, during this time, there was one person who greatly helped and guided me. I debuted as an actor at Daehangno and ended up really enjoying performing. At the same time I was doing performances I also worked for a year at a coffee shop. My skills were acknowledged, so I was offered a manager position, and at the other place a scout made me an offer as well. However, I was greedy, so I tried to negotiate the salary, and in the end neither place accepted my offer. I went to another place for part-time work, but they told me I was too old. So, I started working for a logistics center, but I had to carry such heavy things that when I went home I just collapsed. What I really want to do is perform or sing. When I would come home I couldn’t do anything, so I would get frustrated. Honestly, now the situation at my home isn’t good. My father quit his job, and my mother is quite sick; my family can’t make a living without me. I wonder if I have to live like this, but I know that all I need to do now is just overcome it. I need to hold out.”

“대학 입시를 6번 쳤다가 다 떨어졌어요. 말하자면 6수죠. 실력도 없었고 눈도 높기도 했어요. 다행인 건 그 때 제 은사님이 절 잘 이끌어주셔서, 대학로에서 배우로 데뷔를 했고 정말 연기를 좋아하게 됐어요. 동시에 커피숍에서 1년 정도 일했는데, 능력을 인정 받아서 매니저 제의도 받고 다른 곳에서 스카우트 제의도 받았어요. 근데 돈 욕심이 생겨서 월급 협상하다가 결국 두 군데 모두 절 안 받아줬어요. 다른 데는 나이가 많다고 절 알바생으로 안 받아줬고요. 그래서 물류센터에서 일하기 시작했는데, 날라야 할 물건들이 너무 무거운 거예요. 그래서 집에 오면 그냥 쓰러져요. 내가 진짜 하고 싶은 건 연극과 노래인데, 집에 오면 아무것도 못 해서 자괴감에 빠지더라고요. 사실 지금 집안 사정이 안 좋아요. 아버지도 일을 그만 두셨고 어머니는 많이 아프세요. 저 아니면 생계가 유지가 안 돼요. 이렇게 까지 살아야 하나 싶지만 지금은 그냥 일단 이겨내야 해요. 버텨야 해요.”

“Honestly, before I entered university I hardly thought about it at all. However, I never knew there is nothing particularly special about college life as well.”

"사실 진학하기 전에 대학생활에 대해서 생각을 별로 안 했는데, 대학생활이 이렇게 아무것도 없을 줄 정말 몰랐어요."

“I’m a 20 year old college student.”
“You will graduate in four years. What do you think will leave the most lasting impression?”
“The way I’m currently living…I think regret will leave the biggest impression.”

“전 이제 20살인 대학생이에요.”
“4년 뒤에 졸업 할 텐데 뭐가 가장 많이 남을 것 같아요?”
“이대로 살다가는… 후회가 제일 많이 남을 것 같아요.”

"Also I have one other rule, I don’t sell alcohol to drunk people; one should just enjoy their alcohol. If you throw up you must pay a fine of twice the cost of your drink."

"Also I have one other rule, I don’t sell alcohol to drunk people; one should just enjoy their alcohol. If you throw up you must pay a fine of twice the cost of your drink."

“I have a job, but for a second job I also run a bar. However, I have a bit of an unusual system. Except for the weekends, we close at 7pm.”
“Your bar closes at 7pm?”
“It’s a specialty bar for afternoon drinking sessions. Afternoon drinking allows romance to thrive.”

"본업은 디자이너인데, 부업으로 술집을 운영해요. 근데 조금 독특한 시스템을 갖고 있어요. 주말을 제외하고 오후 7시면 문을 닫거든요."
"술집이 오후 7시에 문을 닫는다고요?"
"낮술 전문점이거든요. 낮술로 낭만을 디자인하는 거예요."

“What has been the most difficult thing for you?
“Your parents aren’t around?”
“It’s not that. It’s closer to a fundamental loneliness. My life is so difficult that I don’t think about them. Actually, I lived in a dormitory since I was in middle school and have continued to live alone since then. My parents told me they can’t give me anything and they are sorry, but I am grateful. It’s not like I’m missing my family; it’s more like I think I’m totally alone. It’s the solitary feeling you get when you see others do things together that you always do alone.”
“본인을 가장 힘들게 한 것은 무엇인가요?”
“가족의 빈자리 같은 건가요?” 
“아니요. 본질적 외로움에 가까운 거 같아요. 삶이 너무 힘들어서 가족 생각이 나질 않더라고요. 사실 중학교 때부터 기숙사 생활을 하면서 지금까지 계속 혼자 살았어요. 부모님은 저에게 해준 게 없다고 미안하다고 하시지만 전 감사해요. 가족에 대한 그리움 보다는 철저하게 혼자라는 생각이 드는 외로움 같은 건데, 남들은 함께 하는걸 전 바라만 보며 혼자 하는 그런 외로움이요.”
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